In the balmy climate of Florida, where humidity often reigns supreme, maintaining optimal moisture levels within your home is more than just a comfort consideration—it’s crucial for your health and property’s well-being. At Advanced Home Watch of Venice, FL, we understand the challenges of managing humidity, and we’re here to provide guidance to ensure your home remains a sanctuary of comfort and safety.

Humidistats: Your Ally in Humidity Control

Many Florida homes come equipped with humidistats, nifty devices that collaborate with your HVAC system to regulate indoor moisture levels automatically. However, despite their usefulness, humidistats are notorious for lacking precision. They commonly deviate from the desired setting by as much as 10-20 percent. This variability can lead to confusion when attempting to set them, as advice from HVAC technicians often varies widely.

Recently, one of our seasonal homeowners received advice from their HVAC technician to set their thermostat to 80°F and the humidistat to 60% before their departure. At the same time, this might seem like a reasonable suggestion, but the imprecise nature of humidistats can spell trouble. High humidity levels exceeding 60% can wreak havoc within your home, creating a breeding ground for mold and other moisture-related issues. According to, when relative humidity surpasses this threshold, the risk of mold growth escalates significantly. Mold thrives in moist environments, making it essential to eliminate excess moisture to mitigate its growth.

The Ideal Humidity Range: 45-55%

To maintain a comfortable and healthy living environment in your Florida home, keep humidity levels within the 45-55% range. Within this sweet spot, bacteria and viruses struggle to survive, and the growth of mildew and other microbes is minimized. This range isn’t just a recommendation; it’s endorsed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), underscoring its importance for indoor air quality and occupant well-being.

Harnessing Your HVAC System

Your home’s air conditioning system controls humidity and prevents microbial growth. Regular servicing of your HVAC system is essential to ensure it functions optimally. Additionally, adhere to a schedule of air filter changes every 90-180 days, depending on environmental conditions. Keep condensate pans and drip lines clean, and ensure cooling coils are debris-free. An annual check of safety shut-off switches is also prudent to maintain the system’s safety and efficiency.

Deactivate Outdated Controls

At Advanced Home Watch, we recommend deactivating old dehumidification controls and entrusting our Certified Home Watch Reporters to manage temperature and humidity levels during site visits. Our home watch reporters have the knowledge and tools to ensure your home remains within the optimal humidity range, providing peace of mind while you’re away.

Expert Recommendations

According to the Home Watch Alliance (HWA), maintaining a thermostat setting between 75-77°F and humidity levels between 45-55% is optimal for a clean and healthy home environment. This recommendation aligns with our approach at Advanced Home Watch, where we prioritize the well-being of every seasonal homeowner under our care.


Humidity control is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, especially in the unique climate of Florida. With the guidance of Advanced Home Watch of Venice, FL, you can confidently navigate the complexities of humidity management. From optimizing your HVAC system to adhering to expert recommendations, we’re committed to ensuring your home remains a haven of comfort and health year-round. Trust us to safeguard your property so you can enjoy peace of mind whenever you are away.

For more information or to schedule a free in-home consultation in the South Sarasota or Venice area, please visit our website at or 941-218-0008 or At Advanced Home Watch, we provide you with peace of mind when you’re away. 

Advanced Home Watch has been a family-owned business since 2017. All staff members are certified by the HWA, fully insured, bonded, and background checked before earning this designation.

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